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All You Need to Know About Burn Injuries and New York Personal Injury Law

Some of the worst injuries sustained each year are due to burns. Burns are an especially dangerous type of injury and medical attention is essential to ensure the injury does not become even more detrimental. Nerve complications and skin damage are some of the most common long-term effects of a burn injury.

This following article will explore the burn injury as personal injury and a good cause for legal claims. If you or someone you care about has been burned severely, it is essential to understand the rights to compensation. In the end, your awareness of your situation and how you will find help will decide your success in this attempt.

The Burn Injury

Burns can happen for a great number of reasons. Burns can be sustained from out of control fires, contact with live electrical currents and by hot liquids like coffee, tea and Yerba Mate. Liquid burns are among the most common burn types in today’s society.

The most important point to understand is that all burns are avoidable and these injuries are invariably caused by the negligence of those who should be more careful. For example, a building manager may be negligent in his responsibilities and forget to monitor the tap water thermostat. Smoke detectors that go unaddressed for long periods of time can also cause burn injuries. Manufactures of electrical products can also cause burns if their products are substandard.

Types of Burns

Burns can be categorized into three degrees of damage. These are:

First Degree Burns — these are superficial and only the protective layer, the epidermis, has sustained damage. While painful these will usually be healed within a week or two, still medical attention should be applied.

Second Degree Burns — the damage penetrates through the first layer of skin and reaches the dermis below. This type of burn is very serious and can have long reaching side effects, Medical attention is imperative to mitigate the chances of further complications.

Third Degree Burns — damages pass through the skin to damage the flesh and tissues below. These burns are especially dangerous and require immediate medical attention. Often reconstructive surgery will be required to address these burn types.

Getting the Best Representation for Burn Injury Victims

If you hope to get the maximum compensation for this particularly painful injury, you will want to find yourself a reputable professional with experience in cases like your own. After the injury, it will be imperative to take the victim to a medical professional who can describe and record the extent of the damage as well as predict the need for surgery, cosmetic surgery or therapy in the future.

Perhaps, you were burnt at home, at work or even at a public location, don’t forget that you are still entitled to compensation and the right legal professional can make this happen. If you are looking for the best representation for you or your loved one, begin your search with one of the many successful personal injury lawyers or law firms in New York City.