Factors to Consider while finding the right Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the most popular emirates of UAE. It is a den of all luxury, and as such, you can expect great services in almost all sectors of life. Dubai has law firms that operate within every aspect of both regional and international law. Finding the right Dubai Lawyers for you, however, will depend on your needs. Whether you need business, real estate, corporate, trademark, patent or criminal legal assistance, it is important you do extensive research before hiring a firm or sole attorney.

What You Need to Know: To find the best attorney from a Law Firm in Dubai, you need to have established clear requirements. Lawyers and their firms operate in a variety of ways, so it is your responsibility to have an idea of the ‘best fit’ for your case. Law Firms in Dubai can either be Solo, Small, Litigation-focused, Criminal-law focused, or Corporation & transaction focused.

It is advised in choosing a Law Firm in Dubai that you pick one that specializes in your areas of need. Otherwise, people are often appealed by the idea of a solo lawyer, who may have more time to deal with them in particular. However, you need to note that the larger the firm, the more resources they have and the more combined experience they will have in dealing with cases like yours.

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Setting Your Expectations when finding Lawyers in Dubai: While the Dubai Government will immediately appoint you a lawyer should you be dealing with a case involving a possible life sentence, still many choose to hire their attorney even in criminal cases. This is because state-appointed lawyers can often be overworked and inexperienced. However, finding your Lawyer in Dubai means the charges and burden of the research are entirely yours. This means you must be clear and focused on what you expect, regarding their charges, their location, their fluency in Arabic, their specialties and their preferred mode of communication. Setting expectations will facilitate your research and prevent you from getting disappointing service. It will also make for pertinent questions and direct gagging as you first consult with your prospective lawyer.

Doing Your Research: Dubai has an array of lawyer’s directories available on the net. They mostly list firms according to their areas of practice, with detailed information on the partners or sole attorneys. They also provide contact information, which allows you to communicate with them while you do further research. Dubai Law firms also provide videos and information on the languages the lawyers they employ are fluent in. You must note that court cases in Dubai are conducted in Arabic so that even if you wish to converse in another language with your attorney, they must predominantly master the Arabic language. Choosing a local UAE Law Firm with Arabic speaking local lawyers can give an extra advantage.

Eventually, you will be required to make your decision. While you can assess the qualifications and experience of Lawyers in Dubai, UAE on the net, through the yellow pages or in newspaper articles, their ability to help you will depend on your affinity. This means that you ought to remain in touch with your intuition, and your initial feelings of ‘comfort’ around your lawyer. They must be able to fully understand your case, be comfortable with the Dubai court system and have to experience in the specific area of law your case pertains to. A little research before hiring a law firm can not only make your life easier but will also save your money.