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Hired Greenville Family Law For Child Custody Representation

My ex-husband and I have one child together. In the process of getting divorced, he tried to make the schedule we had arranged with our child harder. He said he couldn’t pick him up on certain days and he felt that he should have him a larger percentage of the time. I didn’t agree with any of it and we couldn’t come to an agreement on anything, which is why we got divorced in the first place.

I wasn’t sure what to do and I confided in a friend of mine. I told her the problems I was having with him and how he said that he should have our son more than I do. That’s when my friend started telling me about someone else in a similar scenario. She told me they hired Greenville Family Law and they were able to help her.

After talking to her, I looked up the number for Greenville Family Law. I wanted to call them and see if I could make an appointment with them. When I called, they offered an appointment for the next day and told me what I would need to bring with me.

I arrived at my appointment and had everything I needed. I presented all the paperwork to the lawyers and they said they would be able to help me get this child custody agreement resolved. They told me what it would cost and that they would need to have the money upfront before they make any moves.

I quickly got them the money they needed in order to get the child custody issues resolved. They worked very quickly and made contact with my husband to try to resolve things within just a few days. He was a little upset that it had come to this and I let him know it didn’t have to and that I gave him that option.

The lawyers at Greenville Family law worked very hard to get this dispute settled. Hiring them for my child custody situation really helped me out and it was a great choice. I updated my friend about the issues and told her thank you for referring me there. I told another friend that was also having child custody issues about them. She said she was going to check into hiring them and was hopeful they could help her with her issues.