How To Issue An Eviction Notice

When you own a property and the tenants aren’t paying their rent or are causing damage to the property, you know that you need to get them out. However, depending on what state you are in, that can be easier said than done. The eviction process takes them and each step must be followed in a precise order with the correct amount of time between each step. This makes it a bit more complicated than just filing for an eviction notice and makes it so that many landlords feel like they are never going to be able to get the troublesome tenants out of their buildings.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way and when most people contact an attorney who has experience with evictions they are able to complete the process with very few problems. This is because the attorney is able to stay on top of the situation, making sure that all of the paperwork is filed correctly, that all of the evidence that is needed is collected, and that all of the proper legal procedures are followed. After hiring an attorney, most people find that they only need to show up to a court hearing and watch as the judge rules in their favor, clearing out their property and ensuring that they are able to pay for repairs that are needed.

Eviction Notice

Attorneys also make it easier to understand if someone has actually breached their contract or if they are simply on the verge of breaching it. This distinction can be the difference between successfully getting a tenant out of a building and paying them damages for trying to wrongfully evict them when they are still technically following along with the lease. Try to remember not to threaten a tenant with eviction or to start the process unless you are sure that they are actually in violation of the lease and that the hearing will go in your favor.

Even if you don’t decide to hire an attorney, contacting one about how to properly give out an eviction notice in your city will ensure that you know the exact steps that must be taken. They are not overly complicated, but you must pay attention to what is being done, making sure not to miss any deadlines and to make sure that notices are sent in a timely fashion without sending them out too early.