Recover Damages If Your Vehicle is Totaled and Not Your Fault

A totaled car is a sad sight. Not only do we think of the drivers and passengers predicament, but also the financial impact it causes. Here’s what you need to do if your car gets totaled and it’s not your fault.


Post Collision Action


After checking for any injuries, you need to exchange contact information with the other driver and have the police involved. You need to do this as fast as you can as police reports will serve as your evidence in case litigation will happen. Get as many photos of the accident and your car. If there are any willing witnesses to stand for you, exchange contact information. After a few days and everything checks out and you are in the clear, consider choosing on how to repair your vehicle or recover damages.


There are two ways to go if you want to recover damages to your vehicle. You can have the at-fault party’s insurance agency to pay off the repair or damages, though this process can be slower. You can also have your own insurance agency to handle the repairs. Pay the required deductible and your insurance agency will handle the rest.


Keep or Let Go of Your Totaled Car


Your car can be written off if the insurance agency finds out if your car is a total loss. Total loss or totaled cars outweigh the cost of repair versus the car’s fair market value. You may keep your totaled car, but your compensation will be lessened. The State of Arizona will provide a Salvage Certificate of Title. The certificate does not allow you to register the wrecked vehicle until repaired.


Owing and Totaled


There might be an instance that you are still paying for your car and got totaled. This can be financially taxing on your end since insurance agencies will only pay for the fair market value of your vehicle before the collision. The money will also go to the bank directly.


You can consider getting gap insurance to prevent this problem. It will pay the difference between what you still owe and the car’s actual cash value. You will receive the remaining money once you made full payment to the lender.




When trying to negotiate for the value of your car, Insurance companies will try to give you the lowest figures to earn a profit. Have a car accident lawyer phoenix help you try to settle for a better deal.